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The concept of Systems Oriented Design is developed by Prof. Birger Sevaldson and collegues in the context of the OCEAN design research association and AHO. The main intention with this concept is to develop design proprietary skills, techniques and methods for systems thinking and systems practice in design. More »

RSD6 Conference – Relating Systems Thinking and Design 6

AHO, Centre for Design Research and Systems Oriented Design present the new RSD6 Conference: Environment, Economy, Democracy: Flourishing Together Our theme this year encompasses the contexts for flourishing in democratic societies, and exploring the opportunities for systemic design in: Democratic participation and policy innovation Strongly sustainable business innovation Flourishing communities Design of architectures, settlements and built environments RSD6 is engaging many complementary themes and speakers on critical human system issues connecting to flourishing and democracy, including Social impact in flourishing and change programs Health and population wellness Ecological design and bioregion development Human-scaled and regional economies Sociotechnical and technological systems Other themes relating systems thinking and design                





The accepted keynotes for RSD6  promise an inspiring range of perspectives on the changes to design practice and education emerging from the demands of civilizational turbulence and continuous complexity of our services, systems and societies.  RSD6 holds a centre for inquiry into human and ecological flourishing, as relevant to the re-envisioning and redesign of business, policies, organizations and our own methods for design, including those methods for governing ourselves in modern civilization.






Lucy Kimbell

John Ehrenfeld

Michael Hensel

Richard Buchanan

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