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Transformative Speculation of Life Forms and Styles – An Ecological Design Approach in the Context of Climate Change


About the project

Understand and capture long-term sustainability in ecological crises by imagining and investigating future life forms and styles.

Key Aims and Questions
This research’s main focus is to explore another ecological design approach to deal with the current unsustainable crisis. The main research question explores if imagining futures through design could be alternative ecological approaches to understanding problems and the potentials of long-term sustainable development.

Analytical Framework
The analysis framework is derived from the re-understanding of life forms and life styles based on a post-humanism view. The analysis will be conducted from human enhancement progress and the relationship between humans and nonhumans.

Key Concepts
• An alternative ecological design approach comes from the investigations of Eco-Social-Techno futures.
• An alternative ecological design approach based on futures has multi-sensory views.
• An alternative ecological design based on futures is to build the cooperative relationship between different Humans and Nonhumans for environmental flourishing.

Research Methodologies and Methods
Practice-based Design Research, Heuristic Research
Transdisciplinary Inquiry, Speculative Inquiry, Poetic inquiry

Design Techniques and Tools
Physical and Digital Prototypes, Visual Design

Participants, Networks, and Audiences

Mediation and Communication
Publications, Exhibition, Public Lecture

Research Outcomes
Publications, Design Prototypes

Andrew Morrison, Håkan Edeholt