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Ulstein Bridge Visions

Type of project
01.03.2010 -> 01.12.2010

This project has been completed

About the project

UBV is a design practice driven research project. By actively participating in the development of an innovative new control bridge for large ships, we seek to investigate design practice in context of Norwegian maritime sector. The goal is to develop both an understanding of and developing strategies for the inclusion of experience oriented industrial and interaction design practice inside large scale maritime projects. Central in UBV is to incorporate design practitioners holistic approach to product experiences which includes aesthetical and personal aspects in addition to function and usability considerations.

Central research questions: How may design practitioners contribute to the development of innovative bridge control system experiences? What is the role of conceptual work inside advances maritime systems?

Analytical frames: Activity theory, design theory.

Methods: UBV conducts a design driven inquiry which draws inspiration from conceptual processes often used inside other domains, like the car industry. There multidisciplinary teams collaborate in making highly detailed future concepts that exemplify what may be made, so as to provide tangible results useful for developing long term strategies.

Deliverables: 3 conference papers.

Funding: Ulstein Bridge Visions (UBV) is a collaborative project funded by AHO, Ulstein and the Norwegian Design Council.