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UBV is a design practice driven research project. By actively participating in the development of an innovative new control bridge for large ships, we seek to investigate design practice in context of Norwegian maritime sector. The goal is to develop both an understanding of and developing strategies for the inclusion of experience oriented industrial and interaction design practice inside large scale maritime projects. Central in UBV is to incorporate design practitioners holistic approach to product experiences which includes aesthetical and personal aspects in addition to function and usability considerations. More »

This project has been completed

Ulstein Bridge Visions results in research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council

The results of Ulstein Bridge Visions (UBV) were well received and a follow-up research project called the Ulstein Bridge Concept (UBC) has been funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

UBC builds on the experience gained in UBV. Over the next three years a number of designers and researchers will work with further development of the vision of the future ship bridges in the UBC project. UBC is a collaborative project with participation from AHO, Ulstein Group, Kwant Controls and Aalesund University College (HiALS).

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