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The PhD research project, a part of AHO’s continued involvement in research on Additive Manufacturing (AM), aims to investigate the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing, popularly labelled 3D printing, in the field of Product Design. More »

This project has been completed

Composites – a digital fabrication exhibition made through design

As a part of the elective course ‘digital fabrication technologies and processes’, 13 masters’ design and architecture students have made an exhibition titled Composites. The project, which is hosted by the institute of design and the workshops at AHO, centres on a series of activities, processes and phenomenons which have been investigated with digital fabrication tools and through a designerly framing. Projects include a chair, the concept of time, the fluidity of water, the activities of the playground, paintings, speakers, joinery, post-modernistic reconstruction, the aesthetics of disposable cutlery, and new ways of representing landscape. Read more »