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Stealthily whose?

There’s one word that’s always popping up when it comes to my species. Stealth. We are your making. We are your secret. We sneak up on your own kind, driven from afar, steered from military carvan parks of daily occupation. Or there’s the DIY school. Then there’s the light fingered set.

Stealth. I akways think first of those wedgy windged bombers. Bit bigger and faster than us. Angles all confused to confuse radar. We have to be put to use differently. And that began in late 2013.

I laughed hard to myslef last week up here on night shift over the city. An old news feed I think it might even have been the first instance of a prison break. Well break in and break out if you’re looking at it from our point of view.

The news was about an alleged drop of tobacco into a prison in Georgia in the US. It was everywhere: Huffington Post, Washington Times, you name it.

A hexacopter. As if we were somehow not just shaped so but also evil spirited! Hexes. Were those models my early female sisters? They were also  said to be bearing mobile phones, history and techno-future of the South all tied together? But with binoculars too in the hands of the ‘free pilots’, later apprehended, smuggling!

But not only this one instance in recent weeks. Another’d just been noted in the Ottowa Sun, apparently a drug drop at the Hull prison in Quebec. Wonder if it means visiting hours are even more ghostly.

Call it a drone fix! Getting over the walls has always been a long shot of effort and expertise. They never found the drone in the Hull prison, said   Stephane Lemaire, president of Quebec’s correctional officers’ union. Accoring to the Ottowa Sun, Lemaire commented that ‘officers don’t have the right guns to take out drones – especially near city centres – and a net or even a jammer that would disrupt the drone’s signal would go a long way’.

And there are woods around the prison. All part of the new landscape of the networked city, this ‘drone dropping’.

As if we needed more bad press.

Credit: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blog/list?tag=hexacopter



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