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The design of commenting in online magazines and newspapers

Type of project
01.03.2012 -> 01.05.2017

This project has been completed

About the project

This PhD is a study of the designs of commenting sections in online magazines and newspapers. 

Commenting sections in online magazines and newspapers are interfaces consisting of a variety of designed choices, such as layout, typography, moderation system and a recommender system that helps us to decide which comments to read first. Within each of these choices there are many possibilities that affects our use experience, although few of them are explored in research. In my research, I study and visualize concept designs for the holistic use experience of these choices, with emphasis on enhancing the expressive possibilities and engagement. The framing of the project is based on the idea of designs and artefacts as producers of social and cultural meaning. Existing research in this context is mainly focused on a functionalistic approach, as opposed to the discursive and semiotic approach I adopt. What does the design mean for us, and how does the design of buttons, layout and typography effect our use experience?

This PhD research project is part of the delTA-project with SINTEF, Opinion Perduco, NRK P3 and Plan Norge amongst others. The project looks at how we engage young people to take part in the society by using social media.

Supervisor: Henry Mainsah