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Anticipation and design inquiry

Inquiry into anticipation is framed within this chapter in a view from Anticipation Studies not only Science, accentuating cultural, constuctionist and critical interpretative aspects. We argue that Futures Studies needs to more fully take up a body of work from Design Studies. Drawing on various aspects of Design inquiry, we provide an overview of someof the apporaches that have been advanced and ways they might offer Anticipation Studies routes and means to more fully framing apporaches to the making and analysi fi anticipatory systems, engagments and reflections. As designer-researchers with academic transdiciplinary backgrounds our views are positioned from the work of others as well as via practice based research through design epistmological investigations. Design Futures remains a fruitful space for further design inflected inquiry.

Morrison, A.Celi, M. 2017. 'Anticipation and design inquiry'. In Poli, R. (Ed.) Handbook of Anticipation. Theoretical and Applied Aspects of the Use of Future in Decision Making.Vienna: Springer Available: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-319-31737-3