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Andrew Morrison is Director of the Centre for Design Research at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in Norway and Professor of Interdisciplinary Design at the Institute of Design (IDE). As co-ordinator of research, Andrew takes part in and leads a range of design research projects. These cover Communication Design, dynamic interfaces and social media; RFID, mediation and activity; Service Design and innovation in leadership; electronic arts installation; narrative and mobile media; practice-based research/research by design; online research mediation and design research methods. Andrew also focuses on design writing, fiction and criticism.

He has been central to the ongoing redesign and teaching of the PhD school at AHO. He has supervised a dozen PhD students at AHO and others at the University of Oslo in design, media and education. Andrew is a member of the Research Committee and the Board of AHO. He was paper co-chair for Nordes 09, Engaging Artifacts, 3rd Nordic Design Research Conference (www.nordes.org) and been a board member of the Design research Society. He has published widely in journals, books and online and has a special research interest in online research mediation. He has edited and co-edited several collections of papers and chapters related to design and new media.

Formerly Andrew was an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo at the interdisciplinary research centre InterMedia where he led the Communication Design Group


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DESIGN FUTURES LITERACIES: PRACTICES & PROSPECTS (VOL. 1) positions our funded collaborative project within discourses and practices of design education. It shifts it towards futures in design education and builds upon pedagogies and research on futures of design education. Detailed overviews are given of work carried out under five work packages mediated through the project website... Read »

Conference paper

Amphibious Scales and Anticipatory Design

This paper considers dynamics between Anticipatory Design and relational ontological scales in imagining, articulating and shaping futures. This includes speculative, experimental and experiential engagement with imaginary futures for rethinking relations to the present and beyond them into long term sustainable ones... Read »

Conference paper

Anticipatory design and futures literacies

Design universities face challenges to their curricula, pedagogies, research and professional practices in the context of a world beset by increased complexity and rapid change. In this framing type paper located in an experimental relational ontology we take up the context and conditions of such change and the development of what we term ‘design futures literacies’... Read »


Themes & Units: Design Futures Lexicon resources

The DESIGN FUTURES LEXICON presents a set of thematic learning activities, futures design devices and instances of their use. The LEXICON is designed to assist design students and designer researchers to engage productively and critically with how language may work in shaping futures design. The THEMES AND UNITS contain a variety of learning resources for students of design and design research... Read »



Octopa’s Journey is a narrative game-tool inviting the player to browse the futures of the Northern Sea Route. Playing with Future Design Words and extended-choreographies, the experience is the online counterpart of the physical Octopa toolkit. .. Read »


Lexicon at NORDES Summer School 2020

The NORDES Summer School 2020 was a 3-day online event held on 5-7 August 2020, hosted by AHO and OsloMet in Norway. With the focus on ‘designing beyond the individual’, the summer school explored how the theme of COLLECTIVES may “inform design inquiry in shaping futures that are shared and honed for common interests, needs and purposes, not only competitive and collaborative ones... Read »


Matters of artistic research

Movement matters enormously in every aspect of our lives and of the dynamics of the ecosphere and its complex systems and relations of inhabitants, human and nonhuman, psychological and systemic... Read »


Design Futures Now: Literacies & Making

This issue of Temes de Disseny addresses a mix of topics concerning how design literacies and design making may be understood as ‘future facing’. By doing so, we convey the ways and means design practice and design education may be positioned and activated to work prospectively and be ahead of current concerns with environmental, social and ethical challenges... Read »


Investigating design-based learning ecologies

In this article we argue that, for educators in design, urbanism and sustainability, the responsibility of connecting emergent design practice and changing societal needs into pedagogical activities demands that attention be given to ecologies of learning that explore the interplay between what is and what might be... Read »


AHO WORKS: Research Review 2013-2017

The AHO Research Review is an internally commissioned document from the School of Architecture and Design in Oslo (AHO) that presents a full picture of the research and teaching agendas and where those two platforms are integrated undertaken by the faculty and research fellows at this specialist university... Read »

Conference paper

Pre-fuzzy front end alignment of multiple stakeholders in healthcare service innovation – Unpacking complexity through service and systems oriented design in Strategy Sandboxes

Contemporary health systems are deeply complex, organisationally and temporally. Recently, focus has increasingly been given to patient experiences and needs (LaVela & Gallan, 2014) and to developing services that accommodate a diversity of needs within formal institutions and their extensions into society... Read »

Book chapter

Anticipation and design inquiry

Inquiry into anticipation is framed within this chapter in a view from Anticipation Studies not only Science, accentuating cultural, constuctionist and critical interpretative aspects. We argue that Futures Studies needs to more fully take up a body of work from Design Studies... Read »



  (This essay accompanies the exhibition and catalogue by Hadi Sy). Without the number zero we would all be frozen in a world of worthless measurement. This is number that was devised in India but has been delegated further in the origins of numeracy in the Arab world. Zero is central to the growth of trade, exchange and modern commerce... Read »

Conference paper


This paper seeks to draw together a broader transdisciplinary view on Anticipation than that influentially proferred by Poli (e.g. 2010). Central is elaboration of the potential for closer intersection between two key approaches to future-oriented inquiry: Design and Futures (Celi & Morrison, 2017 in press)... Read »

Conference paper

Making and unmaking a frontier territory

Longyearbyen, the main town in Svalbard, presents historical, contemporary and projected relations between environment and design. First sighted by the Dutch Barentsz in 1596, this pristine, seemingly sublime landscape has a history of the arrival and application of technologies with destructive impact on its delicate arctic ecology... Read »

Conference paper

Design fiction, culture and climate change: weaving together personas, collaboration and fabulous futures

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges to contemporary lifestyles and future living. In this paper we offer a design and cultural alternative centred in the humanities on shaping personas as a means to addressing relations between perspective, narrative and voice through two artifacts, one a tiger fish and the other a nuclear powered narwhal... Read »


Learning spaces for sustainable futures

Through a spatial and journey-based interface, this webtext embodies a multimodal, qualitative inquiry into ways to support dynamic learning for undergraduate students of design and their emergent roles as critically engaged and resilient designers able to transition towards sustainable design practice... Read »


Designing calm technology and peripheral interaction for offshore service vessels

Ship bridge systems are increasingly collected into Integrated Bridge Systems in modern offshore vessels. By integrating previously separate equipment, there is possible to create more user-friendly interfaces leading to safer and more efficient operations. A consequence of Integrated Bridge Systems is that it is now possible to rethink the make-up of ship bridge interfaces in its entirety... Read »


Fashion film and genre ecology

We analyse the challenges and changing character, production and consumption of the emerging genre fashion film through a genre as ecology approach. This approach accounts for the complexity of various rhetorical practices used within the creative industries, such as fashion. We find that digital mediation compels genre innovation in networked cultures in the mediation of fashion... Read »


Fea and 3D Printing, the Perfect Match?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and 3D printing have developed in parallel over the last three decades, much thanks to improved Computer Aided Design Systems (CAD). This article draws on two case studies to discuss challenges and opportunities when combining these two technologies. Some of the major challenges with 3D printing are anisotropy and lack of trustworthy mechanical values... Read »



Mapping the city archive – urban data and public participation in planning

The city is continuously being reshaped and rebuilt through political and administrative decisions as well as through the actions of individuals and private businesses. This activity leaves traces that constitute an archive of the city – both of its physical form, but also of the processes and negotiations and controversies that preceded it... Read »


Design Issues and Orientations in Additive Manufacturing

Journal articles, conferences, TV programs and books are now flooding the academic and popular market about Additive Manufacturing, commonly labelled 3D printing. In the context of Product Design, as distinct from engineering, this article focuses on design issues when considering using Additive Manufacturing technology in new product development or improving existing products... Read »

Conference paper

Personas and projections. A lyrical essay on facing climate change via design fiction

We identify two challenges concerning conceptualisations of communication design, design fiction and future views on the arctic. The first refers to the difficulty of mediating information and perspectives on the complexity of climate change to a wide public bombarded with conflicting perspectives and alienated from engagement with the central issues... Read »

Book chapter

Visualization of climate change in situ

As the critical challenges of climate change escalate, the need to disseminate essential information about the situation increases. Climate change discourse, however, tends to be general and global, as well as scientific and abstract. Arguments are growing for localized and affective communicational solutions... Read »

Conference paper

Co-narrating a Future North

Through the persona of Narratta as a ‘thing that speaks ‘I investigate what might be shaped on site in the arctic but also online in the cast of design fiction. This situates the work within comunication design and digital narrative... Read »

Conference paper

Design Prospects: Investigating Design Fiction via a Rogue Urban Drone

Design fiction is garnering attention as a mode of inquiry on the prospective in design practice and inquiry. This paper addresses design fiction as a potential area for design research to explore communicatively. The paper does so through a performative essayistic research text. Presented are extracts from an online visual-verbal hypernarrative and expository research writing... Read »


Design notes on a lonely drone

Design fictions present us with spaces for construction and reflection, potentially mixing various modes of the emergent and the speculative with the shaping and communication of near future imaginaries. In this article we adopt a blend of rhetorical devices to present and discuss design fictions. We do this by referring to current discourses around drone technologies... Read »

Conference paper

Making the mobile and networked city visible by design

We address how to make apparent a number of design initiated articulations to do with accessing, assembling, and mediating the data of the networked city and their visual renderings in publicly accessible formats. These ‘designed moves’ heighten the significance of both design knowledge and research interpretations in an exploratory and dynamic inquiry... Read »


Social media, design and civic engagement by youth: A cultural view

This argumentative essay at the intersection of media studies, Cultural Studies, and literacy research, frames of PD in the emerging territory of social media and civic engagement. We refer to core principles of PD and to recent reflections on social technologies and participation in design. These are linked to research on designing for participative cultural expression via social media... Read »

Conference paper

Reflections of a wireless ruminant

‘Design matters’ is interpreted in this exploratory paper via a narrative pastiche that concerns recent developments in ubiquitous computing and their implications for emerging techno-material culture... Read »


Visualizations of digital interaction in daily life

We inquire into how visual signage may make aspects of ubiquitous computing technologies visible and how digital tools and platforms impact that visual design and semiosis. We explore how visual interfaces have been designed and mediated within a design-research project that looked at technologies for mediating between digital media and the physical environment... Read »


African clouds over the Oslo opera

Expressive mobile narratives are in the early stages of design and participative formation. We ask what relations and articulations can be brought to play in the design and enactment of a mobile fictional space in which identity is a core motivation and design feature... Read »


Investigating an “Internet of Hybrid Products”: Assembling Products, Interactions, Services, and Networks through Design

This article takes up the relations between products, people, and the Internet. Our investigation is set in the context of the emergence of networked and service-driven physical products. The article builds upon the curation and design of an exhibition that pulls together recent hybrids composed of physical objects as well as digital things and networked services... Read »


Designing tangible interaction using short-range RFID

Short-range Radio Frequency IDentification (SR-RFID) technology embedded in mobile phones offers interaction design practitioners the potential to design new forms of mobile experiences. The article presents a design oriented research study that seeks to develop affordances specifically in support of such practice. To do so the authors draw on Activity Theory... Read »


”Getting Going” – Research by Design

Research by Design is the theme of this first special guest edited issue of FORMakademisk. In this issue we look into a growing domain of design research that takes up relations between practice and theory that are pertinent for inquiry in the interdisciplinary approaches and frameworks that are often central to research in design (Rust et al. 2005)... Read »


Designing performativity for mixed reality installations.

This article takes up the concept of performativity prevalent in the humanities and applies it to the design of installation arts in mixed reality mode. Based on the design, development and public access to two specific works, the concept is related to a form of research by design... Read »



Dynamic visualisation in three physical dimensions

Recent developments in light emitting diode (LED) production technology mean that high numbers of LEDs can now be used at costs that are no longer prohibitive. This paper looks at various creative and artistic applications of three-dimensional grids of LEDs, when used to produce imagery and volumetric visualisations in three physical dimensions... Read »

Conference paper

Waterfront development with Web mediation

The term ‘unreal estate’ is coined to refer to online mediations of projected and planned urban developments, especially luxury domestic residency. A related website is studied as a mediation of co-ordinated artifacts and assembled persuasion. The site is also examined as a mediating artifact through which multiple representations are co-articulated... Read »


Navimation: Exploring Time, Space & Motion in the Design of Screen-based Interface

Screen-based user interfaces now include dynamic and moving elements that transform the screen space and relations of mediated content.  These changes place new demands on design as well as on our reading and use of such multimodal texts. Assuming a socio-cultural perspective on design, we discuss in this article the use of animation and visual motion in interface navigation as navimation... Read »