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Bridging Silos: A new workshop method for bridging silos

This paper addresses the problem of bridging silos. This is a universal problem found throughout the public and private sectors. It is a challenge when different organisations need to cooperate as well as when departments within the same organisation need to communicate. The paper presents a preliminary report on the results from a series of workshops on solo bridging held in the frame of the Human Systems Engineering Framework (H-SEIF) research project in 2018-2019. Although the workshops were based on gigamapping, we developed a special format to address the issue of silo bridging in a practical and useful manner.

Read the full paper here.

Wettre, A.Sevaldson, B., & Dudani, P. 2019. 'Bridging Silos: A new workshop method for bridging silos'. In Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD8) 2019 Symposium. IIT Institute of Design, Chicago: 13.10.2019–15.10.2019. Available: https://systemic-design.net/rsd-symposia/rsd8-2019/social-system-labs-and-methodology/