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Themes & Units: Design Futures Lexicon resources

The DESIGN FUTURES LEXICON presents a set of thematic learning activities, futures design devices and instances of their use. The LEXICON is designed to assist design students and designer researchers to engage productively and critically with how language may work in shaping futures design.

The THEMES AND UNITS contain a variety of learning resources for students of design and design research. They address relations between existing and emerging vocabularies of futures design. Each UNIT is connected to learning activities on relations between words, design materials, disciplines and uses.

Morrison, A.Dudani, P.(2020). Themes & Units: Design Futures Lexicon resources. Fuel4Design project website resources. (Open access). AHO / FUEL4DESIGN / ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Programme. Available: http://www.fuel4design.org/index.php/design-futures-lexicon-themes-and-units/