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Design Futures Now: Literacies & Making

This issue of Temes de Disseny addresses a mix of topics concerning how design literacies and design making may be understood as ‘future facing’. By doing so, we convey the ways and means design practice and design education may be positioned and activated to work prospectively and be ahead of current concerns with environmental, social and ethical challenges. Doing so also means tackling tough, complex and often unknown problems and offering potential and imaginary responses.

Accordingly, tools and techniques originating in futures studies intertwine with design practices offering exploratory, methodological and anticipatory work on how we might shape our futures through design together. Literacies as design futures making and making futures literacies by design are therefore featured in this special issue of the journal.

Morrison, A.Clèries, L. 2020. 'Design Futures Now: Literacies & Making'. Temes de Disseny. Special Issue. # 36. Available: https://doi.org/10.46467/TdD36.2020.8-15