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Conference paper

Design Prospects: Investigating Design Fiction via a Rogue Urban Drone

Design fiction is garnering attention as a mode of inquiry on the prospective in design practice and inquiry. This paper addresses design fiction as a potential area for design research to explore communicatively. The paper does so through a performative essayistic research text. Presented are extracts from an online visual-verbal hypernarrative and expository research writing. The performative exploration includes views from the persona of a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone policing a near future city. Her perspectives are prospective. However, the urban ‘drone-gone-rogue’ is crafted as a design fictional rhetorical device to comment on topical issues in the here-and-now. Her views are located in relation to the matter of voice in design fiction. The drone asserts that cultural critique is needed from within design practice and research; she maintains that design fiction is one means to conveying it in contrast to the prevailing regimes of surveillance and promotional discourses of the ‘smart city’.

Morrison, A. 2014. 'Design Prospects: Investigating Design Fiction via a Rogue Urban Drone'. In Proceedings of DRS 2014 Conference. Umeå, Sweden.: 16.06.2014–19.06.2014. Available: http://www.drs2014.org/en/