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Developing Visual Editors for High-Resolution Haptic Patterns

The article gives an overview of our iterative work in developing visual editors for creating high resolution haptic patterns to be used in wearable, haptic feedback devices. During the past four years we have found the need to address the question of how to represent, construct and edit high resolution haptic patterns so that they translate naturally to the user’s haptic experience. To solve this question we have developed and tested several visual editors. The article explains our approaches and results.

Stenslie, S.Gøransson, A., & Cuartilles, D., & Olsson, T. 2012. 'Developing Visual Editors for High-Resolution Haptic Patterns'. Haptic and Audio Interaction Design. 7th International Conference. HAID 2012, Lund Sweden. Springer LNCS 7468. Springer LNCS 7468.