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Stahl Stenslie works as an artist, curator and researcher specializing in experimental media art and interaction design. His aesthetic focus is on creative expressions that challenge ordinary ways of perceiving the world. He has a PhD on Touch and Technologies from The School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway. Currently he is teaching and researching as a professor in Art and Technology (opplevelsesteknologi) at Aalborg University, Denmark.

He has been exhibiting and lecturing at major international events (ISEA, DEAF, Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH). He represented Norway at the 5th biennial in Istanbul, Turkey, co-organized 6cyberconf and won the Grand Prize of the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs.  He has moderated various symposiums like Ars Electronica (Next Sex), ArcArt and Oslo Lux (2013).


Sense Memory|Virtual Touch

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Developing Visual Editors for High-Resolution Haptic Patterns

The article gives an overview of our iterative work in developing visual editors for creating high resolution haptic patterns to be used in wearable, haptic feedback devices. During the past four years we have found the need to address the question of how to represent, construct and edit high resolution haptic patterns so that they translate naturally to the user’s haptic experience... Read »


Conference paper

Haptic Hedonism- Designing pleasure for the flesh

Haptic hedonism is about producing sensual enjoyment through corporal stimulation. Haptic here referes to the sense of touch in all its forms, including proprioception and kinaesthesia, but in particular the cutaneous sensations of tactile pressure (mechanoreceptors) (Paterson 2007: ix)... Read »