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Haptic Hedonism- Designing pleasure for the flesh

Haptic hedonism is about producing sensual enjoyment through corporal stimulation. Haptic here referes to the sense of touch in all its forms, including proprioception and kinaesthesia, but in particular the cutaneous sensations of tactile pressure (mechanoreceptors) (Paterson 2007: ix). The context of art, design and technology frames this investigation on how corporal pleasures can become an integral part of interactive experiences. The focus on the design of haptic bodysuits relates to questions such as: How can corporal pleasure constitute the user experience? How can the sensations of the body be understood as an artistic and design specific ‘material’? And, can we aesthetically manipulate our bodies to sense a real and reproducible pleasure? How can the body be experienced as a canvas of sensations? Or even a design product?

Stenslie, S. 2009. 'Haptic Hedonism- Designing pleasure for the flesh'. In Proceedings of 4.Nordic Design Research Conference. NORDES 2011. Oslo, Norway: 30.08.2009–01.09.2009. Available: http://ocs.sfu.ca/nordes/index.php/nordes/2009/paper/view/203/154