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Historical Perspectives on Service Design and Technology

Currently, there are several ways of viewing and approaching service design. These differences can sometimes create confusion regarding what service design is and does as a field of practice and research. Against this backdrop, this chapter discusses the existing service design perspectives that can be employed when practising and researching service design. These perspectives include, `service design ́, `product-service system design (PSSD) ́, `design for service ́, and `service ecosystem design ́. The chapter takes a historical perspective on service design as a discipline and then widens the discussion to trace the influence of service-dominant logic which shifts the understanding of service and how it can be designed. The chapter introduces these different perspectives and discusses implications for service design relating to different and even emerging technologies.

Suoheimo, M.Trapani, P., & Miettinen, S. 2023. 'Historical Perspectives on Service Design and Technology'. In Suoheimo, M (Ed.) Service Design for Emerging Technologies Product Development: Bridging the Interdisciplinary Knowledge Gap.Springer Series in Design and Innovation, 29