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Conference paper

Service innovation through touch-points: the AT-ONE touch -point cards

In this paper we review the area of touch-point innovation in services and specifically describe the development and use of a card-based toolkit developed in the AT-ONE project – the AT-ONE touch-point cards. These cards have been developed to assist cross functional teams during the first phases of the new service development (NSD) process. This paper describes the development of the tools, their intended use and their evaluation. The results show that the toolkit assists the innovation process and helps develop team cohesiveness. The card-based approach offers a tangibility that teams find useful, and that offers multiple usage alternatives. Discussion and suggestions for further work are included.

Clatworthy, S. 2010. 'Service innovation through touch-points: the AT-ONE touch -point cards'. In Proceedings of ServDes 10. The Second Nordic Service Design Conference. Link√∂ping: 01.12.2010–03.12.2010. Available: http://www.servdes.org/pdf/clatworthy.pdf