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Simon Clatworthy



Simon is professor of interaction design at AHO and is responsible for the area of Service Design at the school.

Simon started working with interaction design using participatory design methods for the design of  control rooms in 1983. Since then his work has swung between research and professional consultancy. He built and led a successful multidisciplinary team at Telenor that developed future business concepts for mobile services and interactive TV. He has led a large Nordic ICT consultancy, run his own company and been in a dot.com start-up.

His research interests stem from his MBA in Design Management, and have very much focussed upon the role of design at the strategic and tactical levels of an organisation. His focus during the past years has been upon enabling organisations to create value from incorporating design into the innovation process. More recently he has started to focus upon how organisations should change such that they can better develop and support the delivery of memorable customer experiences. This bridges multiple disciplines from marketing, organisational design, change management and service design.

Simon is responsible for AHOs participation in the Centre for Service Innovation (CSI) and leads one of the major themes; Brand and Customer Experience.


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Book chapter

The Use of Tangible Tools as a Means to Support Co-design During Service Design Innovation Projects in Healthcare

To meet the complex societal and economic challenges facing healthcare service provision, the public sector is dependent on new partnerships and networked collaboration in order to meet policy and program goals. The medical culture with its deeply institutionalized ways of working combined with siloed expertise makes such collaboration and organizational change especially difficult... Read »



Organizational Transformation Through Service Design: The Institutional Logics Perspective.

In this article, we provide in-depth insight into the process of adopting service design (SD) by a large service organization. We use an inductive interpretive approach and draw on rich longitudinal data collected in one of the world’s major telecommunication companies that undertook a series of SD initiatives to improve its innovation capability... Read »


Innovating for Trust

This book adopts a multidisciplinary approach to innovation, and argues that because innovation is always risky business, trust is an essential premise and outcome of successfully designing, developing and finally launching innovations. Each part of the book encompasses a different aspect of innovating for trust... Read »


Conference paper

Ways of seeing the design material of service

This paper contributes to the current conceptualisation of service as a design material from three different perspectives. We use: a) definitions of the term material, b) the connection to service logic and c) the techniques that service designers use, to discuss ways to understand service from a design perspective... Read »


KPIs for Service Design Thinking

A report exploring the possibility of developing KPI’s for Service Design in an organisation. Based upon a workshop carried out together with a major telecommunications provider, and summarising aspects of design thinking (and service design) a few suggestions for KPI’s are suggested. Further, key aspects of service design thinking are identified... Read »


Conference paper

 transforming organizational mindsets through service design thinking

Change by Design: Transforming organisational mindsets through Service Design thinking “Everything I have learnt during the last 20 years has been thrown up in the air, and landed up-side down – in a good way”. This quote is from a manager who participated in Service Design Academy, a transformation programme in Telenor; one of the world’s largest mobile operators... Read »

Conference paper

Three perspectives on the material of service

The increasing attention to the design for customer experience has led to the development of a new field of design: Service Design. This field is in rapid growth, and is now established as both a domain of practice and of design research. The design discipline has, as central to its approach, developed a focus upon forming and transforming materials... Read »



Design Support at the Front End of the New Service Development (NSD) Process: The Role of Touch-Points and Service Personality in Supporting Team Work and Innovation PSimon Clatworthy rocesses

This thesis explores the first stages of New Service Development, and focuses upon the role that design can play to improve the innovation performance of a development team. The work took a ”research by design” approach, that resulted in the design and evaluation of tools and process support, for two specific areas of service innovation... Read »


Service innovation through touch-points: development of an innovation toolkit for the first stages of New Service Development

This paper reviews one of the central areas of service design, the area of touch-point innovation. Specifically, it describes the development and use of a card-based toolkit developed in the AT-ONE project – the AT-ONE touch-point cards. These cards have been developed to assist cross-functional teams during the first phases of the New Service Development (NSD) process... Read »