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Simulation and Design

In the maritime sector, users are involved in complex safety critical operations carried out in very difficult and shifting conditions. Working in such setting is a major challenge for mariners and currently human failure is the main cause of maritime accidents. In this thesis I investigate how we may use real-time interaction in simulation and game engines to support user-centered design within the maritime sector. I raise two major challenges for applying user-centered design in the maritime domain. First, it is very difficult to account for the complexity of maritime context in on-shore design situations. Second, it is difficult for designers to gain access to user context as part of the design process. Due to these challenges, I argue there is need for new approaches to handle the holistic design process necessary to understand relations between existing events and future scenarios in terms of context, operation, tasks, technology, systems and users. I propose that applying computer-simulated scenarios in user-centered design can help relieve the aforementioned problems and so position user-centered design in a more central role in maritime innovation.

Hjelseth, S.(2016). Simulation and Design. Oslo: AHO