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Snorre Hjelseth




Snorre Hjelseth in as industrial designer with special interest for design thinking in the maritime and offshore innovation sector. He’s PhD research is focusing on visualization and simulation as means in interdisciplinary design processes. Snorre is part of the SimSam-lab development project at Vestfold University College (HiVe) where an immersive system has been developed to help facilitate design workshops.

Snorre got a Master in industrial design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT).  He is now a PhD-fellow at AHO with a position at HiVe.


Concept simulator game, Forskningstorget 2013|Onsite – Design driven field studies for safer demanding marine operations|Radical Innovation in Maritime R&D

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Simulation and Design

In this thesis, I investigate the use of simulation, game engines and real-time interaction in user-centred design for the maritime sector. In this sector, users are involved in complex safety critical operations carried out in very challenging and shifting conditions. This is a major challenge for workers and currently human failure is the main cause of maritime accidents... Read »


Conference paper

Emerging tools for conceptual design: The use of game engines to design future user scenarios in the fuzzy front end of maritime innovation

This paper discusses and describes how simulated user scenarios can be created and used in the front end of maritime innovation processes. The paper introduces the use of game engines as design tool to create dynamic scenario environments that are used as means to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between users and actors in a design process... Read »


Conference paper

Innovative conceptualisation through sense stimulation in co-lab development

Should collaborative lab developments be based on technological or human preconditions? This paper initially suggests how complex human conceptualisation patterns can be described and modelled comprehensively in an innovation framing. A research-based metaphorical model, called the Plant of Collaborative Conceptualisation (PoCC), is summarily developed and visualised... Read »