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Conference paper

Three perspectives on the material of service

The increasing attention to the design for customer experience has led to the development of a new field of design: Service Design. This field is in rapid growth, and is now established as both a domain of practice and of design research. The design discipline has, as central to its approach, developed a focus upon forming and transforming materials. This is undoubtedly due to its history in forming products, and design has been coined a conversation with materials of the situation.

This presentation discusses the materials of service, which is in itself often described as intangible . It does this from three perspectives, each carefully chosen to stimulate discussion about, and give new insights into the nature of service itself. Further, the three perspectives will identify, potential areas of focus during the service development process (awkward wording) to enhance innovation opportunities. The three perspectives are:

  1. The materials of Service seen through the theoretical perspectives of Service.
  2. The materials of Service seen through the way services are represented during NSD
  3. The materials of Service when seen through an exploration of definitions of the term material.
Clatworthy, S.Holmlid, S., & Blomkvist, J. 2015. 'Three perspectives on the material of service'. Frontiers of Service, San Jose