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As part of my doctoral design project entitled Transformative Speculation of Life Forms and Life Styles: An Ecological Design Approach in the Context of Climate Change, in XIANGVEI I have researched future life forms via speculative designing to again insights into sustainable futures by redirecting human enhancement.  

XIANGVEI is a speculative design organ future. The assumption is that future plastic surgery could be design products. XIANGVEI is a kind of sensory enhancement that humans can put different plants into it to produce location-based perfume and understand plants’ language by recognizing plants’ radiation and computation technology. XIANGVEI could be a sensory enhancement to understand the environment more that starts from a speculative and imaginary perfume culture beyond the current human physical ability enhancement of solutionism. 

XIANGVEI argues that multi-sensory futures could contribute to long-term sustainability. It took methods such as speculative making, including making prototypes and digital installation and situated contextual studies, including a field study in Florence.

The project has three related parts that are gathered around the work Grown Perfumer: 1) Grown Perfumer: As a wearable, 2) Grown Perfumer: As an experiential installation, and 3) Grown Perfumer: As an invitation to bodily enhancement.

The works are presented and analysed in the following:

Zou, Y. & Morrison, A. (in press 2021). ‘Sharpening anticipatory design senses for sustainable “scentory” futures‘. Futures, 134: online.


Zou, Y.(2019). XIANGVEI. Oslo: AHO.