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Towards Sustainable Design Development

This research seminar primarily explores radical approaches to pressing matters of climate change, the transformative potential of design and new strategies for making and research. As a continuation of discussions held at different events and projects, design scholars have for a while been talking about the urgent need to widely advocate a more general approach and critical approach to Sustainable Design. This seminar takes this up directly.  

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Designing for Brand Experience - Introduction

Customer experiences have for a time now been recognized as the new arena for building competitive advantage, and the role of design in enabling these experiences has been acknowledged. Yet, one topic seems to be elusive in the current discussion about customer experience: What is the experience that the organization wants its customers to have? As it is further explained in the theoretical section of this text, it is proposed that this experience should be a direct expression of the brand, one in which the customer’s, employee’s and organization’s perspective combine to play a role in defining the Brand Experience Proposition.

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Brandslation and Brand Experience Manual

The design of brand-based interactions is not new; service designers have been embedding brand characteristics into touch-points for more than a decade now. Yet, one problem persists: as there is no shared understanding of the experience proposition the brand is making, every new design team will develop service touch-points based on their own understanding of the Brand Experience Proposition; as these different interpretations are embedded in the service interactions, the customer’s experiences with the brand will consequently be inconsistent.    

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Designing for Brand Experience - Theoretical Background

This section describes the theoretical groundings for the research. The first subsection proposes that the experience proposition the organization is trying to deliver to the customers is actually the Brand Experience. Following, Designing for Brand Experience is presented as an approach that enables the translation of Brand Strategy into Customer Experiences through a Semantic Transformation process, operationalizing Service Branding. Finally, in the last subsection, it is suggested that the best way to communicate the Brand Experience Proposition is through the use of a relationship metaphor.

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