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Angeliki is a trained designer from AHO, and graduated at 2010. She has also a background as interior architect. Angeliki has been involved in a variety of projects such as curating and presenting design in Design museums, design and children, service design and interaction design.  She is currently research assistant under the Centre of Design Research and C-SAN Futures project.


delTA|Design Research Mediation

Posts written by Angeliki (19)

  • Gender and the practicalities of design research

    To old and new members of WONDER. We have the pleasure of inviting you to a two days’ seminar in Oslo with the theme:  Gender and the practicalities of design research Place: TRAFO Conference Centre, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design Date: 16th to 17th of June 2016.      

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    or The art of looking sideways[1] … revisited through the WATCHA’s first experiment.  

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    Towards Sustainable Design Development a report

    The two days seminar few days ago has been a successful meeting for C-SAN Futures project. The core team of the seniors researchers from Norway,Sweden, Kenya, South Africa and China came together to discuss, organise and elaborate the future strategies for translating knowledge into action. The discussions were joined by an interdisciplinary group of researchers and designers outside the network team. People from informatics, ethnology, film, systems design, and sustainable humanitarian development contributed with their ideas, proposals and energy in order to develop a better understanding and further working plan on climate change and the role of design within this topic.

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  • Doctoral Thesis Defense: Jørn Knutsen

    PhD Candidate Jørn Knutsen is set to defend his thesis ”Products of the Networked City” at AHO on June 10th. Trial lecture at 10.00: Interaction Design and Tactical Media: What can be learned from historical comparative analysis?  Disputation at 12.00

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    Doctoral Thesis Defence: Timo Arnall

    Phd Candidate Timo Arnall is set to defend his thesis, entitled ‘Making Visible – Mediating the material of emerging technology’ at Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus on June 12th at 11am. Title of trial lecture: “Remaking the cultural construction of immateriality through discursive design: from digital materiality to digital materials”

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  • Relating Systems Thinking & Design 2013 Symposium

    Relating Systems Thinking and Design is a free and open symposium over three days (09/10/2013- 11/10/2013) with a preceding full day with diverse workshops and a subsequent special issue in FORMakademisk. The symposium is open to accepted presentations and to invited and guest participants.

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    Doctoral Thesis Defence: Simon Clatworthy

    PhD Candidate Simon Clatworthy is set to defend his thesis on 27th June, entitled: Design Support at the Front End of the New Service Development  (NSD) Process: The Role of Touch-Points and Service Personality in Supporting Team Work and Innovation Processes  

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  • Doctoral Thesis Defence: Judith Gloppen

    PhD Candidate Judith Gloppen  is set to defend her thesis, entitled “Service Design Leadership. Shaping Service Innovations at the Intersection of Design and Strategic Management”, on December 11, 2012. Trial Lecture 10:00 a.m. : “How would you approach the implementation of service design leadership, what are challenges, from a practitioner perspective, to embracing service design leadership and how might these be addressed? What are areas for future research that might help overcome potential challenges?”

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    Doctoral Thesis Defence: Kjetil Nordby

    Thursday 20th October Kjetil Nordby will defend his thesis Between the Tag and the Screen. Redesigning Short-Range RFID as Design Material for the PhD degree at AHO. Trial lecture 10.00: “Opportunities and challenges for SR-RFID as design material” Disputation 12.00

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    Doctoral Thesis Defence: Lise Amy Hansen

    PhD Candidate Lise Amy Hansen is set to defend her thesis, entitled Communicating Movement. Full-body movement as a design material for digital interaction on 11th June at AHO. Trial lecture: Movement as material in interaction design practice – tools and examples.

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