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Laurene Vaughan




Laurene has worked across a number of design and communication fields. These include interaction design, fashion and accessory design, retail and hospitality. Across these different fields she has a passion for understanding the nature of situated experience, whether it is on a screen, in a text or in place. Recently she has focused on leadership roles within research projects and research organisations, where she is committed to exploring how to balance quality outcomes with optimum experiences. Design is the foundation of her approach to knowledge production and communication and she applies this to all her fields of activity, from coaching to research projects.

Lauren is an associate professor at RMIT, one of the network partners central to the Centre for Design Research at AHO. Laurene has taught on the AHO doctoral programme and co-researched with its staff. This teaching has also extended to the mediation of research, including being an invited speaker the opening of the centre.


DesDoc (Design Doctoral Education)

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