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Additive Designing

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Applied research
01.01.2010 ->

About the project

Digital materials, tools, fabrication and distribution have grown rapidly in the past two decades. For design, at AHO this has not only had an impact on the foundations and growth of Interaction Design, but it has transformed part of our approach to what was earlier termed Industrial Design and now known as Product Design. Our work in Product Design has shifted through exploration and experimentation with 3D printing, more formally now known as Additive Manufacturing (AM).

This project spans many years of innovation, in teaching and in research in Additive Manufacturing. AHO was an earlier adopter of 3D printing and was able to experiment with its uses in developing pedagogies suited to the application of new tools, materials and processes in the domain of Product Design.

Through teaching based research we have built up a body of experiential knowledge that we have then translated more formally into critical reflection and published research. This has included PhDs and a range of papers and journal articles, talks and presentations to a diversity of audiences.

It has taken time to reposition design based inquiry into Additive Manufacturing as Additive Design.