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Additive Manufacturing

Type of project
Applied research
AHO internal funding
02.01.2001 -> 01.06.2017

This project has been completed

About the project

Design views on Additive Manufacturing (AM) are still rarely found in the burgeoning body of publications on materials, technology and business. This AHO design centred Product Design oriented take on AM draws together a variety of transdisciplinary perspectives on AM. Our shared knowledge is presented as offering a unique design view that suggests ways that methods and processes of engaging with AM tools and technologies may be better understood in the context of discourses of digital fabrication.

This project gathers together a diversity of experience and inquiry in he development and publication of a design centred book collection of chapters on AM. The book is unique in the rapidly expanding list of publications in AM that seldom addresses design. The book’s editor Prof Steinar Killi at AHO draws on two decades of experience in developing methods, processes and products in AM as part of his teaching, professional practice and research profile at AHO.

Killi, S. (Ed.) (2017). Additive Manufacturing: Design, Methods, and Processes. London: Taylor & Francis.