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Artefacts from Pluriverse: Design for long term sustainable futures


About the project

The notion of “ReFuturing” enables long term sustainable futures by means of rethinking and reimagining futures as the material and ecological consequences of climate breakdown that our designed culture in the coming century will face and even beyond the ones we are already experiencing today.

Key Aims and Questions:
In what shape or form can the tools of Industrial Design discipline be applied to and help articulate speculative, long term sustainable futures through mediated artefacts?

Key Concepts:
ReFuturing, Long-term sustainability, Climate Change

Research Framework:
Research by/through Design and Participatory Action Research

Design techniques:
Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Prototyping, Industrial Design, Film sketching, VR

Mediation and communication:
Online and Print Publications, Studio based workshops, Exhibitions

Prof. Hakan Edeholt