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Schonheyder, Jan Fredrik


My background comes from long hours drawing Star Wars in math books and dissecting my parents stereo. Now at home I have two small girls that repeat the cycle. I graduated with a masters degree in industrial design from AHO in 2005.

Since then I have worked as an industrial and interaction designer in Formel and Halogen AS. My work has primarily focused on concept development in safety-critical systems for maritime, subsea and aerospace industry.

My PhD project continues this work and is an industrial PhD program in collaboration with Halogen, ABB and AHO.

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Nordby, Kjetil


Kjetil is an industrial designer with a master in interaction design from Umeå Design School and a PhD from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) 2011. The PhD deals with the innovative use of new technologies in design practice.

Kjetil has been part of several startups and has worked as an industrial and interaction designer for leading Norwegian companies. He has also tutored students at master and bachelor level at AHO and held master courses a Institute of Informatics at Oslo University.

Recently he has turned his interest towards the Norwegian maritime sector and are leading a multidisciplinary team that seeks to reinvent current ship bridges.

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