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Design Research Mediation

Type of project
Applied research
01.11.2011 ->

About the project

The mediation of research to a variety of audiences is becoming increasingly important. How are we to depict, demonstrate and convey our design practices while at the same time communicating our analyses of them and their connection to other studies?  What can the various domains of design bring to the presentation of design research and what roles can interaction and communication design play in mediating our processes, methods, rhetorics and insights? How can we make apparent the character of project-based and collaborative inquiry?

Main aims: This ongoing project into Design Research Mediation aims to experiment with design-informed and design-rich approaches to conducting and conveying design research within and across a range of inquiry and projects. Our approach is to develop, pragmatically and theoretically, what we call a design research rhetoric. Its part of our wider interest in building knowledge and articulations of ‘discursive design’.

Analytical frames: multimodal rhetoric, social semiotics, discursive design.

Research methods: co-construction, multimodal composition

Outcomes: research papers, wesbite, course inputs, electronic PhD theses


Partners: under development

Finance: internal resources at the centre and via AHO.