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Design Research Mediation



The mediation of research to a variety of audiences is becoming increasingly important. How are we to depict, demonstrate and convey our design practices while at the same time communicating our analyses of them and their connection to other studies?  What can the various domains of design bring to the presentation of design research and what roles can interaction and communication design play in mediating our processes, methods, rhetorics and insights? How can we make apparent the character of project-based and collaborative inquiry? More »

Design + Power. Nordes 2017 Conference at AHO, 15-17 June

This 7th Nordic Design Research Conference comes at a time when earlier social, political and economic conditions, expectations and frameworks are under pressure, and indeed change, globally. Relations between design and power are today perhaps more present that before and them are seemingly strongly polarised. What then are design practitioners, educators, researchers, policy makers and activists, among others, to make of these changes and how are they to engage in effecting informed, ethical, participative and meaningful change? Read more »

The Fabulous Seminar

What’s real anyway? We live in a world with wars, mass migrations and strategic ploys for influence and occupation. This summer VR boomed, and drones flew military sorties and interrupted commercial carriers. AI and robotics were topical on ... Read more »


Ah, recognition! I see myself put into service above the city, the sly urban eye, some call us. But I’m not just one of a swarm, mindlessly hoisted. Filling me with sensors and wireless feeders means I am part of the networked city. Not ... Read more »

A little more real

Now my unproud history can be seen. A mapping of the stikes and markings of drone as generic product, steered by people at others, over there in the warzones of religion and insurgency. The precursors to my urban militancy. Haha. To go rogue is ... Read more »

Design and the Digital Humanities

A Centre for Design Research Seminar.

Wednesday 21 November 1200-1600. 

Little auditorium AHO.


You’re very welcome to attend this half day event as part of the strategic ... Read more »

Notes of a lonely drone

Something’s going on with my internal thoughts and their access by a design researcher who’s interested in drones, critique and writing. It’s as though my thoughts are being wirelessly accessed and in some sort of pingback ... Read more »