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Developing a service design lab for future healthcare

Type of project
Centre for Connected Care - C3
01.09.2015 -> 31.10.2021

About the project

My project is about how to meet the demands for innovative patient-centric healthcare services. Due to the complex and interlinked nature of these kind of services and the rapid development of healthcare related ICT platforms and applications, a cross-disciplinary approach of collaboration between various stakeholders on all levels are required. Patients, health professionals and commercial actors will have to be challenged if we are to succeed in this task. Using a research by design approach, my project intends to develop a service design led innovation lab and explore shared spaces that utilise design thinking and brings patients, health professionals and commercial actors together to co-design new services.

The project is a part of the Centre for Connected Care (C3). C3 holds a status of Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) supported by The Research Council of Norway. The main objective for the SFIs is to enhance the capability of the business sector to innovate by focusing on long-term research based on forging close alliances between research-intensive enterprises and prominent research groups.

C3 aims to accelerate adoption and diffusion of patient-centric innovations that change patient pathways and delivery systems, empower the patients and increase growth in the healthcare industry. The ambition is to bring together different stakeholders to research and co-develop new knowledge, infrastructure and healthcare services. Oslo University Hospital (OUS) is head and host of the center. The innovation lab is planned to be part of the C3 setup.