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Inside Healthcare Design Labs

Exploring the practice of healthcare service design in the context of embedded service design labs The complex characteristics of healthcare systems and wicked nature of problems that arise in such settings can challenge service design practice to develop new methods and ways of working... Read »

Conference paper

Conversations in Healthcare Service Design – The Characteristics and Use of Conversations in Ecosystemic Service Design

This study examines the impact of conversations in public healthcare service design. We define what constitutes design conversations and the role they play in design processes for complex adaptive systems (CAS). Then, we explore the nature and use of conversations in two embedded design lab interventions in two hospital settings... Read »



Design Facilitation as Emerging Practice: Analyzing How Designers Support Multi-stakeholder Co-creation

Designers increasingly find themselves facilitating large-scale design events. Yet few have explored design facilitation as an emerging practice. This article examines the design facilitation practices used in two Norwegian case studies of multi-stakeholder events. We focus on the contextually designed tools designers create to help them facilitate... Read »