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01.09.2011 -> 31.12.2014

This project has been completed

About the project

KICK stands for Knowledge, Innovation, and Commercialising Knots for design research within digital heritage. This Nordic level university based network project builds and exchanges knowledge on research, innovation and education related to issues of design in digital cultural heritage.

Together with other funded NCM projects in this initiative our focus is on methods and models for relating education, innovation and research, as well as developing steering mechanisms and supporting tools for sharing and knowledge transfer.

Culture KICK will focus on collecting experiences from higher education institutions that currently build their research on knowledge triangle interactions by creating and disseminating knowledge valuable for cultural heritage institutions in collaboration with museums and heritage institutions and small and medium enterprises (SME), as well as by linking education in their respective institutions in research-based courses and integration of students on different levels.

Funding: KICK is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM)