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The goal of the RHYME project is to improve health and life quality for persons with severe disabilities, through use of “co-creative tangibles”. These are ICT based, mobile, networked and multimodal things, which communicate following musical, narrative and communicative principles. They are interactive, social, intelligent things that motivate people to play, communicate and co-create, and thereby reduce passivity and isolation, and strengthen health and well-being. More »

This project has been completed

RHYME at Ambience 2011

Birgitta Cappelen and Anders-Petter Andersson will present their paper “Designing Smart Textile for Music and Health” at the Ambience11 conference in Borås the 30. November 2011.  

“The Ambience conference focuses on the intersections and interfaces between technology, art and design. The first international conference in the Ambience series was held in Tampere, Finland in 2005. In Tampere 2005 the basic theme was “Intelligent ambience, including intelligent textiles, smart garments, intelligent home and living environment”.

The paper presents the exploratory and reseach-by-design work related to the smart textile development in 2. Generation of RHYME prototypes, what we call Wave.


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