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Service Desirability

Type of project
01.10.2004 -> 31.12.2011

This project has been completed

About the project

Service Desirability is a PhD project connected to the research and design project AT-ONE.

Goal: To develop a process and tools that help a project team design desirable services; to develop an analytical framework for innovation in Service Design.

Central research questions: How to develop a strategic framework for integrating design into the strategy of service organizations. How to develop design-driven innovations in service organizations.

Analytical frames: Design Management, Experience design, Service Management, Design Driven Innovation.

Methods: Literature survey, participative action research. The project uses participatory action research, through a series of linked case studies. The case studies are with commercial service design organisations, and each case study utilises a co-design approach to innovation. Innovation tools are developed based upon a combination of literature reviews into a specific area and current professional practice. The tools are trialled and evaluated in co-design workshops together with industrial partners, and then refined. The tools are iterated two times per year during a three year period. Parallel to this, validation activities collect and analyse data regarding the performance of the method and tools.

Deliverables: PhD thesis (3 conference papers, 2 journal articles, kappe), Tools for service design.

Funding: AHO (internal).

Clatworthy, S. 2008. ‘An overview of the AT-ONE method’. Proceedings from the 6th Conference on Design & Emotion 2008. In Desmet, PMA; Tzvetanova, SA; Hekkert, P; Justice, L. (Eds). School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 6-9 October 2008, Hong Kong.

Clatworthy, S. 2009. ‘Bridging the gap between brand strategy and customer experience in services: the target experience tool.’ Proceedings of Dethinkng Service, Rethinking Design. First Nordic Conference on Service Design. 21-23 November 2009, AHO, Oslo. www.aho.no/servicedesign09



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Supervisor: Andrew Morrison.