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Strategic design of affordances and metaphors in tangible tools for co-creation

Type of project
C3 - Centre for Connected Care
01.09.2016 -> 31.08.2019

This project has been completed

About the project

This PhD explores the role of design in tangible tools for co-creation and how affordances and metaphors can be strategically designed to foster collaboration and affect innovation in multidisciplinary teams.

Healthcare is one of several contexts where the need for collaboration across disciplines is rapidly increasing. Communication tools used in service design processes are becoming increasingly important as a means to establish a common terminology and common ground across various professional fields that are in need of collaborating. However, few frameworks or design specifications exist for the design of context specific tools for co-design.  The question therefore arises: What aspects of tangible objects used in co-design processes can be strategically designed to create affordances and metaphors that build trust and foster collaboration between different disciplines?

The PhD project is part of the Centre for Connected Care (C3) which aims to accelerate adoption and diffusion of patient-centric innovations that change patient pathways and delivery systems, empower the patients and increase growth in the healthcare industry. C3 is a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI), and supported by The Research Council of Norway. The initiative was started in 2015 and will run for the duration of 8 years. The aim of the PhD thesis conducted within the C3 context, is threefold: Firstly, to contribute new knowledge to the field of service design research. Secondly, to design new, strategic service design tools through the exploration of form, aesthetics and visualisation in tangible objects. Lastly, to contribute to the development and practices of multidisciplinary collaboration in new service development, leading to more innovative healthcare services.