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Tangible Service Design Artifacting in Public Health

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Rygh, Karianne


Karianne Rygh is a PhD-fellow at AHO researching tangibility in service design approaches in the development of care services in public health. The research is conducted in collaboration with the research partner Centre for Connected Care (C3), with the aim of accelerating the adoption and diffusion of patient centric service innovations within healthcare. Through her PhD, Karianne investigates the relational challenges of resource re-configuration within the design of new healthcare services and how multidisciplinary service development teams can be better supported through the design of tangible tools.

As a designer, researcher and design educator, Karianne brings hands-on, explorative making into academic research, writing and teaching within the areas of product, service and systems oriented design. With an interest in how formally trained design competencies within industrial, graphic and interaction design can be applied to new, emerging contexts, she has researched and developed tangible tools and design probes for research labs, private companies and public organisations. Her work on tangibility in tools and methods has been internationally recognised within the fields of Interaction design, Service design, Co-design and New Product Development.

Karianne holds a Master of Social Design from Design Academy Eindhoven and a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Swinburne University of Technology.

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Morrison, Andrew


Andrew Morrison is Director of the Centre for Design Research at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in Norway and Professor of Interdisciplinary Design at the Institute of Design (IDE). As co-ordinator of research, Andrew takes part in and leads a range of design research projects. These cover Communication Design, dynamic interfaces and social media; RFID, mediation and activity; Service Design and innovation in leadership; electronic arts installation; narrative and mobile media; practice-based research/research by design; online research mediation and design research methods. Andrew also focuses on design writing, fiction and criticism.

He has been central to the ongoing redesign and teaching of the PhD school at AHO. He has supervised a dozen PhD students at AHO and others at the University of Oslo in design, media and education. Andrew is a member of the Research Committee and the Board of AHO. He was paper co-chair for Nordes 09, Engaging Artifacts, 3rd Nordic Design Research Conference (www.nordes.org) and been a board member of the Design research Society. He has published widely in journals, books and online and has a special research interest in online research mediation. He has edited and co-edited several collections of papers and chapters related to design and new media.

Formerly Andrew was an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo at the interdisciplinary research centre InterMedia where he led the Communication Design Group

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Vink, Josina

Associate professor

Josina Vink is an Associate Professor in service design at AHO with expertise in health systems transformation. Josina teaches hands-on service design studio courses, tutors students completing their Masters diplomas and supervises PhD students in service design. They are also the research lead for the Center for Connected Care (C3), a long-term research collaboration with municipalities, hospitals and companies focused on catalysing health innovation in Norway.

Josina’s research explores how design can create profound and significant change in healthcare by reshaping social structures. They have published in journals such as: Design Studies, the Design Journal, and Journal of Service Management. Their areas of research interest include: service design, design theory, institutional theory, service system transformation, service ecosystems, aesthetic experience, service design methods and approaches, social structures, systems thinking, reflexivity and collectivity.

Josina has worked for ten years as a service and system designer in health and care, including at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation in the United States and the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada. They have extensive experience leading and facilitating participatory system and service design processes in healthcare, government, non-profit and community settings. In their practice, they have developed new services, supported policy change, facilitated shifts in practices across sectors, and led social lab processes.

Josina completed their PhD on service ecosystem design at the Service Research Center (CTF) in Karlstad University, Sweden. During this time, they worked as an embedded design researcher in Experio Lab Sweden, a growing movement of service designers, healthcare professionals, patients and relatives focused on changing the culture of healthcare and catalyzing service innovation. They were a Fellow of the European Union’s Marie Curie Horizon 2020 program within the Service Design for Innovation Network (SDIN).

Josina has a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University in Toronto and a Bachelor of Business Administration, Minor in Dialogue, and Certificate in Sustainable Community Development from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. In general, Josina is committed to maintaining a critical eye on service design and working toward an equitable, healthy future for all.

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