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Ulstein Bridge Concept



What if we could redefine the whole bridge environment and change everything from the room layout to furniture design, and from the fundamental interaction techniques to details on the screen? This is the scope for the researchers, designers and engineers developing the Ulstein Bridge Concept (UBC) project. Together we aim to create research and designs that can direct the development of the future ship bridges of offshore service vessels. More »

This project has been completed

How can design interventions change the offshore ship industry?

Last week the Ulstein Bridge Concept (UBC) was presented at the Relating Systems Thinking & Design 2013 symposium at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). The symposium attracted 200 participants from all around the world, and offered 32 presentations by scholars and practitioners working at the intersection of systems thinking and design, including well-known thinkers like Fred Collopy, Harold Nelson, Carlo Vezzoli and Peter Jones. Read more »

AHO Bridge wins DNB Innovation prize

The Ulstein Bridge Concept (UBC) has won a major Norwegian prize for the best innovation idea of 2012. This is a milestone for the maritime focus on AHO, says project manager Kjetil Nordby. ... Read more »

Simulators for design processes

The use and development of ship simulators for design processes have been pursued in the Ulstein Bridge Concept (UBC) design research project for a while and we are steadily making progress. As part of our work we are pleased to present our paper ... Read more »


ULSTEIN BRIDGE VISION™, the results of the research project Ulstein Bridge Concept (UBC), was presented today at ONS 2012 in Stavanger by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Trond Giske and head of marketing and innovation in ULSTEIN, Tore ... Read more »

Ulstein Bridge Concept to be presented at the ONS

The design work of the Ulstein Bridge Concept project has needed to remain classified until up until today and we are pleased to announce that the project will be officially presented at the ONS 2012 conference on Wednesday 29th of August. ... Read more »