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Field studies informing ship’s bridge design

In this paper we discuss our experiences with doing field studies as part of the design process when developing a new ship’s bridge design. A preliminary observation in our work is that the individual designer benefits greatly from having been at sea, and that the sharing of the insight from the individual who has done field studies to the rest of the design team can be challenging... Read »

Conference paper

A different systems approach to designing for sensemaking on the vessel bridge

Systems Oriented Design is an approach to designing that incorporates systems thinking into the design process. The aim of the approach is to help the designer make sense of the situation he/she designs for. This paper discusses the differences between Systems Engineering and Systems Oriented Design, and looks at how the two approaches cancomplement each other in designing for complex systems... Read »

Conference paper

Systems Oriented Design in Maritime Design

Systems Oriented Design (S.O.D.) is the designerly way of systems thinking. It is tuned towards working with the dynamics of human activity systems and its interactions with technology rather than constructing technological systems. The complexity in modern high end ship building has increased on several fronts... Read »