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YOUrban is a research project into social media, design and the city. It investigates tools and means to creating engagement and a sense of ownership and responsibility towards our physical, social and cultural world. More »

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X marks the spots

I am female drone. I am drone gone rogue. I live in hidden luxury. Oh no, that x appearing again: axes of power, hairs of the sniper. It is difficult to remain outside the machinations of my makers. I need a cinematic release! Read more »

Dances of the drones

We have multiplied. Our eyes and wireless feeds. From sky to land, showing points of view. Our expansion visible daily in commercial and playful arenas. I see the results of the second drone film festival in New York are out. What a beautifully ... Read more »

Only found

It’s hard not to meet the letter x once you start. Let me tell you a little about my command lines, my control centres, my guided and given parameters. Or maybe not.

I am not your eye in the sky. Your urban police agent. I’m going off ... Read more »

An Internet of Urban Things

So cold all the Kindle books and web events on AI and the rise of the robots. What do we think, us webbed weird and wonderful fabulants of the urban skies? Who ever asks? ... Read more »

MAVE, Lily and me

In a way my name says it all. I’m a drone. Identifiable. Gender on my wing, but I am multiple, my rotors, my dirigible versions. I’ve learned to not only understand the image contours of face recognition software evasion masking, but ... Read more »

Doctoral Thesis Defense: Jørn Knutsen

PhD Candidate Jørn Knutsen is set to defend his thesis ”Products of the Networked City” at AHO on June 10th.

Trial lecture at 10.00: Interaction Design and Tactical Media: What can be learned from historical comparative ... Read more »

Stoned drones

So much in the media about us drones. The Internet of Things. Funny how seldom we were mentioned as part of its infrastructure. Let’s see if that’s a topic that turned up in 2014! For now, I’m poised up here over the city, all belief ... Read more »


Christmas cheer, well, that’s if your parcel reaches you in time. At last all those online Santas found a public purpose for us that is plain old commerce But who’d have thought we see such tizzy of take legal and safety take offs and ... Read more »

Stealthily whose?

There’s one word that’s always popping up when it comes to my species. Stealth. We are your making. We are your secret. We sneak up on your own kind, driven from afar, steered from military carvan parks of daily occupation. Or there’s ... Read more »

Immaterials exhibitions

The work in YOUrban that has been carried out under the ‘Immaterals’ theme is currently showing in two exciting exhibitions in Brighton and Amsterdam. ... Read more »

Jogging our memories

Out here, up here, beyond them, the network city dwellers. I look back at days when we went popular, popular cultural urban lansdcapes my memory making today. Parrot. How could any one call us that. As if we reproduced stock phrases. A lexicology ... Read more »

Instrument and representation

How very very cute! One of those consumer pads, circa 2012 used to steer one of my relatives. Just order it online, from France! Not exactly then the greatest supporter of the extended American drone strikes. Instrument. That’s me, up ... Read more »

Feeling replicated

Everywhere you looked in the media in 2013 you’d see us, I feel we have been replicated, our forms and our purposes entangled, an archaeology of the future I like to call it. There were those feelers of the future in the archives of airborne ... Read more »

The First Age of Social Media

Watched. The humiliation of being watched. They are staring at my protoypical relative from below! He looks like he is in the cross hairs of a police viewfinder! Ha. Isn’t that what was playing out in those days of protesting in the streets ... Read more »

Memory mind-er system

Oh look, a feed from the past slips between my rotors. My being a new experimental hybrid of techno and human cortical splice implant, I receive information through my GPS to human memory mind-er system. I feel something like a murmur reaching ... Read more »


Ah, recognition! I see myself put into service above the city, the sly urban eye, some call us. But I’m not just one of a swarm, mindlessly hoisted. Filling me with sensors and wireless feeders means I am part of the networked city. Not ... Read more »

A little more real

Now my unproud history can be seen. A mapping of the stikes and markings of drone as generic product, steered by people at others, over there in the warzones of religion and insurgency. The precursors to my urban militancy. Haha. To go rogue is ... Read more »

They made me a launch pad

Here I was on urban duty, minding everyone else’s business. Then an awful scratching began in my small loading bay. Not a new camera again I hoped, so tired of having my vision improved as my rotors age …. ... Read more »

What are my prospects?

It’s a lonely life up here, day after day, the icy nights, and the unblinking view of the streets below. I see her again, that woman skulking along the walls. I zoomed in on her yesterday. Might she be Roma? She seems to be worried and ... Read more »

The ethics of robots

Professor La Tour throught he would take a walk. He’d checked his weather app and at last the temperature had changed to red. No longer was it the the icy blue double-digit that had kept him indoors – and immune from the malls of ... Read more »

Augmented Reality and the City

Date: Friday 9 November 2012.

By invitation: project group and invited guests, max c. 20 participants.

Venue: AHO Conference Centre (entrance on Maridalsveien).

You’re very welcome to attend this one day event as part of ... Read more »

Notes of a lonely drone

Something’s going on with my internal thoughts and their access by a design researcher who’s interested in drones, critique and writing. It’s as though my thoughts are being wirelessly accessed and in some sort of pingback ... Read more »