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Visualization of climate change in situ

As the critical challenges of climate change escalate, the need to disseminate essential information about the situation increases. Climate change discourse, however, tends to be general and global, as well as scientific and abstract. Arguments are growing for localized and affective communicational solutions... Read »

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Co-narrating a Future North

Through the persona of Narratta as a ‘thing that speaks ‘I investigate what might be shaped on site in the arctic but also online in the cast of design fiction. This situates the work within comunication design and digital narrative... Read »



Mapping the city archive – urban data and public participation in planning

The city is continuously being reshaped and rebuilt through political and administrative decisions as well as through the actions of individuals and private businesses. This activity leaves traces that constitute an archive of the city – both of its physical form, but also of the processes and negotiations and controversies that preceded it... Read »


Satellite Lamps

The city is changing in ways that can’t be seen. As urban life becomes intertwined with digital technologies the invisible landscape of the networked city is taking shape – a terrain made up of radio waves, mobile devices, data streams and satellite signals. In Satellite lamps, practices and languages of design are put to use to explain and situate the phenomena of GPS... Read »


Uprooting Products of the Networked city

From a techno-cultural view on interaction, this article takes up the relationship between the technologies of the networked city and domestic networked products, and material and conditioning relations to the field of design. This contrasts with more infrastructural framings of networked cities and ubiquitous computing... Read »

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Design Prospects: Investigating Design Fiction via a Rogue Urban Drone

Design fiction is garnering attention as a mode of inquiry on the prospective in design practice and inquiry. This paper addresses design fiction as a potential area for design research to explore communicatively. The paper does so through a performative essayistic research text. Presented are extracts from an online visual-verbal hypernarrative and expository research writing... Read »


Design notes on a lonely drone

Design fictions present us with spaces for construction and reflection, potentially mixing various modes of the emergent and the speculative with the shaping and communication of near future imaginaries. In this article we adopt a blend of rhetorical devices to present and discuss design fictions. We do this by referring to current discourses around drone technologies... Read »

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Making the mobile and networked city visible by design

We address how to make apparent a number of design initiated articulations to do with accessing, assembling, and mediating the data of the networked city and their visual renderings in publicly accessible formats. These ‘designed moves’ heighten the significance of both design knowledge and research interpretations in an exploratory and dynamic inquiry... Read »


Å formgi en digital framtid

Det siste tiåret har internettet spredt seg fra skrivebordet til noe vi putter i lomma og bærer med oss til enhver tid. Vi «går ikke på Internett» lenger, vi er der hele tiden. Samtidig har digital teknologi blitt et av samfunnets sentrale rammeverk og påvirker alt fra politisk meningsutveksling til hvordan velferdsstaten fungerer... Read »


For en mediespesifikk spillestetikk

A media-specific aesthetic of play considers the game mechanic to be the primary modality of play grounded in interaction design. Usually, evaluations of games as «art» are based on criteria drawn from aesthetic genres such as the visual arts, film or literature... Read »


Social media, design and civic engagement by youth: A cultural view

This argumentative essay at the intersection of media studies, Cultural Studies, and literacy research, frames of PD in the emerging territory of social media and civic engagement. We refer to core principles of PD and to recent reflections on social technologies and participation in design. These are linked to research on designing for participative cultural expression via social media... Read »


African clouds over the Oslo opera

Expressive mobile narratives are in the early stages of design and participative formation. We ask what relations and articulations can be brought to play in the design and enactment of a mobile fictional space in which identity is a core motivation and design feature... Read »


Investigating an “Internet of Hybrid Products”: Assembling Products, Interactions, Services, and Networks through Design

This article takes up the relations between products, people, and the Internet. Our investigation is set in the context of the emergence of networked and service-driven physical products. The article builds upon the curation and design of an exhibition that pulls together recent hybrids composed of physical objects as well as digital things and networked services... Read »