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Fashion film and genre ecology

We analyse the challenges and changing character, production and consumption of the emerging genre fashion film through a genre as ecology approach. This approach accounts for the complexity of various rhetorical practices used within the creative industries, such as fashion. We find that digital mediation compels genre innovation in networked cultures in the mediation of fashion. We examine three fashion films to ascertain how they function as cultural production within web- and mobile-based communication and networked articulations. These need to be understood as part of distributed, polyvocal and multimodally mediated digital branding and advertising strategies that have largely not been addressed as genre by media and communication studies. Genre ecology is proposed as an addition to typological and developmental models of (media) genre innovation.

Morrison, A.Skjulstad, S. 2016. 'Fashion film and genre ecology'. Journal of Media Innovations. Vol. 3 No. 2. Available: http://www.journals.uio.no/index.php/TJMI/index