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Synne Skjulstad

Associate professor



Synne works as associate professor at department of communication, Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology, Norway. She teaches across various bachelor programmes, focusing on fashion media and communication design. She holds a Ph.D in media and communication studies from the University of Oslo, where she also worked as a post-doctoral researcher. Synne has published on fashion, digital media, communication design, branding and advertising and practice-based research. 


Design Research Mediation|NORDES 2017

Publications (7)



Fashion film and genre ecology

We analyse the challenges and changing character, production and consumption of the emerging genre fashion film through a genre as ecology approach. This approach accounts for the complexity of various rhetorical practices used within the creative industries, such as fashion. We find that digital mediation compels genre innovation in networked cultures in the mediation of fashion... Read »

Conference paper

Waterfront development with Web mediation

The term ‘unreal estate’ is coined to refer to online mediations of projected and planned urban developments, especially luxury domestic residency. A related website is studied as a mediation of co-ordinated artifacts and assembled persuasion. The site is also examined as a mediating artifact through which multiple representations are co-articulated... Read »