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Design, relational ontologies and futurescaping

The core matter we address in this session is how we may live and learn together; relationally, ontologically and anticipatorily, in designerly/ing ways that allow the ‘not yet’ into the present moment (Miller, 2018). This is a question of care, an ‘ethics of caring’ (e.g. Tronto, 2013) in the present that challenges orthodox views of designing, for pedagogical praxis, design research and engagement.

This curated session addresses these issues with reference to the dynamics of making and making sense. It draws on a decade of Design education and Design research projects and shared work located in an emergent assemblage of design-based inquiry through the Cape To Cape network between South Africa and Norway. Our distributed, co-created and shared sensibility is connected to the location and refinement of ‘shaping futures’ by way of building a fluid understanding of an assembly of relations between context and conditions, legacies and prospects. In this, our project cases have been education-based yet also public facing in terms of participatory processes and engagement.

See the extended abstract here: http://anticipationconference.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Anticipation_2019_paper_141.pdf

Raymond, C.Snaddon, B., & Chisin, A., & Morrison, A., & Steggell, A., & Ruvo, M. 2019. 'Design, relational ontologies and futurescaping'. In 3rd international Conference on Anticipation. Oslo: 09.10.2019–12.10.2019. Available: http://anticipationconference.org/programme/