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Bruce Snaddon




Bruce is a Senior Lecturer teaching Communication Design at graduate and under-graduate levels in the Design Department, within the Faculty of Informatics and Design (FID) at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. It is within this environment that he sees his mission to build design curricula that are more awake and relevant to world change. He holds an MPhil in Education (UCT) with research interests in phenomenological approaches to teaching and learning in a design education environment. He represents his faculty in a number of forums that further the aims of design education that is contextual, meaningful and sustainable in the broader community. Bruce worked in the design and advertising industry in Cape Town and the UK for eleven years before pursuing a teaching career in 1995. He chaired the Cape Town Design Network for three years and has served as an active member of the steering committee since 2011. He recently served on the board for the Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 and continues to serve on several boards in academia and the public sector.


C-SAN Futures|Learning for the future knowing now: investigating design pedagogy in transition

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Investigating design-based learning ecologies

In this article we argue that, for educators in design, urbanism and sustainability, the responsibility of connecting emergent design practice and changing societal needs into pedagogical activities demands that attention be given to ecologies of learning that explore the interplay between what is and what might be... Read »



Learning spaces for sustainable futures

Through a spatial and journey-based interface, this webtext embodies a multimodal, qualitative inquiry into ways to support dynamic learning for undergraduate students of design and their emergent roles as critically engaged and resilient designers able to transition towards sustainable design practice... Read »

Conference paper

Futures oriented design pedagogy: Performing a space of powerful possibility

Where is the futuring power in performative design pedagogy? How do we, as educators and researchers, engage with pedagogical approaches in design learning that are flexible and responsive to changing times? These are questions we ask relating to an experimental teaching project that took students into a space for learning possibilities within the context of a creative desert festival... Read »