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Digital Clay Fabrication - initial trials with the WASP Deltabot

Clay is a mineral which can be shaped and formed in different ways. When fired, it turns into ceramics – the stuff of bricks and teapots. While people have been working with clay to make ceramics and porcelain for thousands of years, we only very recently started feeding it into 3D printers to reproduce our digital shapes. As a part of our on-going research onto design and digital fabrication at AHO, I did some initial experimentation with the clay 3D printer. In this post I’ll explain a bit about getting the printer going and how show some initial results and experiments.

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X marks the spots

I am female drone. I am drone gone rogue. I live in hidden luxury. Oh no, that x appearing again: axes of power, hairs of the sniper. It is difficult to remain outside the machinations of my makers. I need a cinematic release!

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Dances of the drones

We have multiplied. Our eyes and wireless feeds. From sky to land, showing points of view. Our expansion visible daily in commercial and playful arenas. I see the results of the second drone film festival in New York are out. What a beautifully curated piece of mediating artifactual cinematography. Now there’s one for the new McLuhan centre director. I love new smart brooms.  

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