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William Kempton is a PhD fellow at AHO, researching new design methodology and processes for 3D printing. This research is a part of AHOs initiative in the field of Additive Manufacturing.

Even before starting his PhD research, William has been engaged in 3D printing, particularly in how it might change the patterns of how ‘amateurs’ take part and influence the design of physical objects.

William holds a masters degree in Industrial Design (2013) from AHO, with time spent at Politecnico di Milano. The thesis, entitled ‘3D Printing Unlimited – Is the 3D printer our next home appliance?’, explored the inherent qualities of the technology itself, and though it, how versatile a 3D printer was from the viewpoint of domestic needs and domestic knowledge. A part of the diploma has resulted in a peer reviewed international top level research article, later also presented in Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping (VRAP).

Since graduation, William has been teaching in several design studios at AHO, in addition to holding lectures nationally.


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Design Issues and Orientations in Additive Manufacturing

Journal articles, conferences, TV programs and books are now flooding the academic and popular market about Additive Manufacturing, commonly labelled 3D printing. In the context of Product Design, as distinct from engineering, this article focuses on design issues when considering using Additive Manufacturing technology in new product development or improving existing products... Read »

Posts written by William (6)

  • AHO

    Composites - a digital fabrication exhibition made through design

    As a part of the elective course ‘digital fabrication technologies and processes’, 13 masters’ design and architecture students have made an exhibition titled Composites. The project, which is hosted by the institute of design and the workshops at AHO, centres on a series of activities, processes and phenomenons which have been investigated with digital fabrication tools and through a designerly framing. Projects include a chair, the concept of time, the fluidity of water, the activities of the playground, paintings, speakers, joinery, post-modernistic reconstruction, the aesthetics of disposable cutlery, and new ways of representing landscape.

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    Exhibiting digital fabrication at Teknisk Museum and AHO

    As a part of the elective course ”Digital fabrication methods and processes’, design students at AHO have exhibited a wide range of experimental design projects and material processes for digital fabrication. Initially held at Galleriet at AHO, the exhibit has since moved to Teknisk Museum (the Norwegian Science Museum), where a chocolate-making workshop was also held.

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    Digital Clay Fabrication - initial trials with the WASP Deltabot

    Clay is a mineral which can be shaped and formed in different ways. When fired, it turns into ceramics – the stuff of bricks and teapots. While people have been working with clay to make ceramics and porcelain for thousands of years, we only very recently started feeding it into 3D printers to reproduce our digital shapes. As a part of our on-going research onto design and digital fabrication at AHO, I did some initial experimentation with the clay 3D printer. In this post I’ll explain a bit about getting the printer going and how show some initial results and experiments.

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    Emergent means of production

    Yesterday a group of staff and students from AHO that talked about design and the role of 3D at the Sent arrangement hosted by Teknisk Museum in Oslo, Norway. The event in an informal mix of lectures, debate and music, aimed at an audience of young grown-ups.        

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  • AHO

    Exhibiting 3D printed artifacts at AHO

    Between 6 – 11th November the exhibition 3DX14 – 14 Approaches to materialising form through 3D printing was held in Galleriet at AHO. It was presented by the elective course ‘Informed decision-making for 3D printing’ . The course was run in the fall of 2015, aiming to inform and give the participants in-depth insight into working with Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes. It seeked to give design- and architecture master-students at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, AHO, a basis of theoretical and practical knowledge into working with available 3D printing technologies.

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    Talking 3D at the first nordic MakerCon

    The first nordic MakerCon conference took place in Oslo between 17th – 18th of October 2014, with AHO well represented at the event. It saw contribution from both alumni students, faculty staff, as well as design researchers from the Institute of Design at AHO.  

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