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Past events (3)

16 November, 2016

1500 – 1630

Decolonising Design

Seminar|IDE Group Room West

As part of our ongoing research seminars at the Centre we welcome Prof Dori Tunstall as an international guest speaker. Her topic Decolonising Design will challenge us to rethink our relationships to design practice and research. Prof Tunstall will also address matters of design anthropology, design for democracy and design for policy. The talk will be followed by open discussion. Read more »

14 October, 2015

11:15 – 17:00

The Fabulous Seminar


What’s real anyway? We live in a world with wars, mass migrations and strategic ploys for influence and occupation. This summer VR boomed, and drones flew military sorties and interrupted commercial carriers. AI and robotics were topical on the BBC. Chinese stocks plummeted. The words Volkswagen and emissions now have a different sense. Read more »

21 November, 2012

12:00 – 16:00

Design and the Digital Humanities

Seminar|Little Auditorium

You’re very welcome to attend this half day event as part of the strategic research development of the Centre for Design Research at AHO. Read more »